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What is a psychic attack ?

Have you ever hear of the term “evil eye”?

Of course you have!

This ancient belief goes back to classical antiquity and is expressed in different cultures. Those who deliberately project ill-wishing towards you usually do so out of anger, jealousy or envy. The evil eye is a curse that is cast on you. The curse can be cast on young or old, woman or man: it does not discriminate. It may affect your physical health, your financial health, your family, etc.

Are you suddenly living in a spiral of bad-luck and misfortune? Are bad things happening to you without explanation? It is likely someone has cursed you with malevolent energy.

The best solutions to protect yourself against a psychic attacks are Black Tourmaline stone and Rose Quartz. Black Tourmaline is well known to ward off negative energy and Rose Quartz replaces negative energy with positive energy.

Our designers located in Japan and France have created the most beautiful and most effective bracelet for you, not only designed with the two most important stone, black tourmaline and rose quartz but we have added black onyx and jet stone to make it even more effective. We called it the “Confident” bracelet.

If you are unable to find Black Tourmaline, any dark-colored or black stone will repel or dissolve negative energies but you will be safer with tourmaline.

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