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amethyst moonstone woman bracelet for sleepy disorder


“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.”


Your Sleep Therapy!

Having a sleeping disorder can diminished quality of life and even depression. Maybe the moon is keeping you up. Maybe your mind can’t shut down or maybe you are having bad dreams! Believe it or not,  Amethyst and Moonstone paired together have a special effect on human’s body due to their natural composition from the ground. It’s a great pairing to connect you to the moon’s “sleepy energy” promoting rest and restoration when you dive into the unconscious.

But not only at night, even during daytime. These two stone together will prepare your body to wipe out bad energy reaching your mind which normally is causing this sleep disorder. You will sleep more calm and serene helping the reach a deeper level of sleep.

Once you will notice your sleep is having deeper and enjoyable dreams, it because your sleep quality is improving. The longer you wear these two stones, the more you’ll notice your dreams begin to taper, a sign that you are really recharging at night. You will even take control of the dream’s outcome.

We all have sleep disorder once a while for many reasons but fortunately, Amethyst with Moonstone are there to help. I suggest you wear the bracelet during the day and ay night, place a cleansing bowl near your bed as close as possible to you. Place your bracelet in the bowl. While your stones will recharge during the night, it will give a boost to your mind and be ready for the next day to wear it.

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Amethyst Paired with Moonstone Power

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