Crystal Cleansing for Your Bracelet

Crystal Cleansing

If your bracelet has genuine stones, it’s picking up energy and needs to be cleansed

As an avid crystal collector, you might be aware the most powerful way to sync your body’s energy with crystals in order to maximize their healing potential is by wearing power stone’s jewelry. Bracelet, ring, pendant. As long as the stones are genuine.

As you know, the stones you are wearing are both amplifying and absorbing a tremendous amount of energy! That’s why you have to cleanse them regularly before it stop performing and doing the reverse effect on you.

There is two reason why wearing crystals jewelry have more impact on your body … more than we might think.

  • Stones are directly in touch with your body allowing direct energy
  • Mostly for bracelets, the stone type and its position around your wrist will create more power

However, because your crystals will be so effective in absorbing negative energy, it will become very important to relieve them before your stones will stop working. If it stops being effective, you will notice a bad change in your daily life (and it’s really true, it happened to me in the past) because wearing stone full of bad energy is something you really don’t want. This is where cleansing your stone becomes crucial.

Moonlight, water, sunlight or even using salt are a very effective way to cleanse your crystal. However, here in Japan, we have been using Quartz for a decade and it’s working very well. The Quartz will charge your crystals (Stones), ensuring the quartz is energetically clean. The higher number of quartz pieces included in your bowl equates to the crystals amplifying powers. Small quartz is always better because of their pointy shape.

All you have to do is pouring real quartz into a small bowl and lay your bracelet overnight. The quartz will absorb all the negative energy allowing your bracelet to be recharged to its full power.

And when a crystal is charged, its properties are amplified giving an extra boost.

If your body is very sensitive and receptive to energies, you will probably feel a difference once you will wear back your bracelet. It’s even obvious for many. For example, when you cleansed tourmaline and you are going to meet someone very jealous, you will see an obvious difference from the last days before you cleanse it and after you recharged it. It’s amazing!


Need crystal cleansing for your stone bracelet? Get your first bag of quartz already cleansed and ready to be used.

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