Jade Bracelet

Real Jade Bracelet with Tiger Stone

“we were born to succeed, not to fail.”

Heny Thoreau

Attract wealth, money and luck!

Jade is one of the luckiest stones you can keep on you because it is said that whatever Jade stone touches, is blessed.

Wearing jade is said to bring you wealth (Attracting money). It brings new opportunities and financial rewards. Highly prized in Chinese culture for good luck. Jade is lucky for everyone.

The vibrant green variations of Jade are the symbol of growth and vitality, which makes a stone standing for a good wealth and longevity.

Some believers who wear jade for protection and good luck attribute the green color change to the absorption of bad-chi that would otherwise have affected them.

Are you attending an important event? Tiger’s Eye Stone enhances willpower and self-confidence, exactly what you need where you have to unwavering your strength.

Pairing Jade with Tiger Stone will only boost the attraction!

What’s money and success without love! Jade also inspires renewed romantic love in long-lasting relationships, making it a great love stone for all kinds of relationships.

What’s more

Do you have any issues with travel-related illnesses such as boat sickness, nausea in air flight or car trip? Jade can protect you from getting sick while away.

Jade & Tiger Stone Power

Money attraction
Wealth attraction
Facilitate contact with your spiritual team
Help with anything ailing you
Encourage trust in relationships
Encourage trust in relationships

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