Men Bracelet to Attract the True Love
Obsidian man bracelet for true love

Obsidian, Red Coral with Basalt & Red Garnet Stone

Basalt stone bracelet

““The Law of Attraction or the Law of Love…they are one and the same.”

Charles Haanel • The Secret (Law of Attraction)

This very powerful bracelet will attract the true love, sexual and romantic!

Pairing Obsidian, Red Coral with Red Garnet and Basalt stone might seem a little too powerful but for a man who’s ready for a new relationship, this grouping makes the perfect bracelet. Nothing is too strong for the man who knows what he wants!

Its power will lead you to a new relationship with someone special leaving your past far behind.

If you still have wounds from your past relationship, do not worry. The Obsidian stone will heal the worst of your illnesses. Past is past and all these stone combines together will lead you to a new bright future.

Basalt, Red Coral with Garnet and Obsidian Power

Love relationship attraction
Romantic relationship attraction
Sexual attraction
Facilitates intuition
Heal that festering wound within your heart
Dissolve any feelings of crisis
Dispel any anger you are feeling toward yourself
Improve Fertility
Renewed life energy
Help soften any harsh attributes within yourself
Purify from anger issues
Will make you more brazen (Less timid)

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