Japanese Curtain Door

Japanese Curtain Door


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Feel yourself in Japan with this authentic Japanese curtain

Typical Japanese doorway curtain made with linen perfect for your home.

Norens are curtains for doorways used in homes, businesses, and restaurants. The Japanese have been using them for hundreds of years to great effect.

Use it as doorway divider, curtain or wall hanging. It serves as a privacy and decorative purpose

It is very beautiful and common in Japan.

The curtain is called Noren in Japanese, and it is often hanging at the door of ordinary shops, Japanese restaurants, pubs, and even small stores, this is very typical.

Once installed, you just have to push with your hand in the middle to separate the 2 curtains, this is the way we do In Japan.

Size: 85x90cm

Material: Cotton Linen

How to wash: Using a washing machine

The Tension rod is not included.



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Common Question:

Is this curtain fireproof?

No, but you can go to a home improvement store (such as Lowe’s or Walmart) to purchase a chemical flame retardant spray for your Noren

Is it ok to wash it and iron it?

It can be washed in cold water and iron from the back side. However, since it is linen cotton, it is recommended to wash it by hand in cold water and iron the pattern side after washing it.


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