Nishikigoi Fortune Bracelet Limited Edition

Nishikigoi Fortune Bracelet Limited Edition

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Effective and Unique Bracelet for Business Success!



 Designed by Megumi ~ Wishful Stone Co.

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Nishikigoi Bracelet Special Edition for business success

This is is a custom bracelet with very high quality composed of Citrine AAAA Grade, Golden Obsidian AAAAA Grade, Black Tourmaline AAAA Grade, Smoky Quartz AAAAA Grade ending with a real 925 silver Nishikigoi fish (Koi Fish). Only the best of the best quality!

This bracelet has been a special request for a client recently. It worked so much that we made it available for the public. It is designed for the person wishing to succeed in business.

You might wonder why it is so effective?

In business, competition never sleeps and it is a major issue for most of the company. Success attracts jealous people causing your business even more challenging. For the majority, luck is one of the most important factors in startups.

This is why this bracelet has been designed this way:

Citrine to attract success, money, and business.

That citrine is very, very special. It is polished here in our temple by hand and it takes one full day for one bracelet. It is so unique and high quality that you can even notice some imperfection inside the bead itself making it so beautiful. The one we created for the client has a small piece of stone out of the bead making it so beautiful and very unusual. Since it is created here by hand, each bracelet has its own unique aspect which makes the bracelet very limited.

Golden Obsidian (not a regular black color obsidian), amazing for attracting luck while keeping away jealousy and bad energy, commonly known as the psychic attack effect. This stone is so special that if you put the bead/stone under the light, you will see some kind of golden eagle eyes!!

Smoky Quartz to attract fortune in business, very good against the bad energy as well.

Finally, Real Silver to amplify success, patience, and perseverance. When silver is used with real gemstones, the metal retains and amplifies the qualities emitted by the stones.

This is one of the best gemstone combinations for success attraction in business.

Are you asking yourself if we are wearing it here?

Yes, of course! This is very effective, even if you don’t believe it, it is obvious that only good thing is happening since we are wearing this one, this is an amazing feeling. That’s why we are releasing this bracelet, to help you too! Try it and see by yourself.


About the bracelet


We provide you with the strongest and highest AAA grade rubber quality. It is made in Japan.



Black Tourmaline AAAA Grade (8mm bead size)

Citrine AAAA Grade (8mm bead size)

Smoky Quartz AAAAA Grade (7mm bead size)

Silver 925

gold obsidianGolden Obsidian AAAAA Grade (8mm bead size)

As a note

When you purchase a bracelet from the Wishful Stone Co. Temple Shop from Japan, every stone has been cleansed during 7 days on big clusters quartz in an open area near very old Japanese trees under the moon in Japan. This is an essential location for a deeper cleansing under the moonlight.

Important | Cleansing

Crystals absorb negative energy so don’t forget to cleanse your crystals regularly to relieve the negative energy out of the crystals, this is very important. There are many ways to do it but it is recommended to add quartz in a bowl where you can leave your bracelet over all the night to absorb the impurities from the stones, replacing them with a full charge.

Cleansing time: 12 to 24 hours


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Our Commitment To Excellence

We stand behind our quality, value, and design. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with your bracelet

We stand behind our quality, value, and design. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with your bracelet

Our products are handcrafted with high-quality materials, therefore we hereby certify and attest that our stones are deemed safe and compliant.

Ordering from Wishful Stone Co. is 100% safe and secure so you can rest easy. Your online security is our top priority and our website is certified Level 1 PCI compliant.

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